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The Mystery Pot

In the years 2020-2023 Leah Jensen underwent treatment for brain cancer. As she regained some strength she slowly moved back into a studio so that she could recommence making. Whilst unpacking boxes Jensen discovered a large carved vessel that she had no memory of making, this was a massive shock and triggered a realisation of just how unwell she had been.

Undergoing intensive treatments to the brain can result in a range of strange symptoms, including memory loss. Although it is certain that this piece was made by Jensen, she has no recollection of making it, or even where it was made. She was unable to find any evidence of the making process that is usually well documented. Alongside Jensen's signature at the base is the clue 'St. Catherine', even so she is unable to identify which painting was used to inform the carving. 


The Mystery Pot, 2019 or 2020


Hand-built Stoneware, carved by hand

Height 43.5cm 
Diameter 18cm

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