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Leah Jensen is a multidisciplinary artist-maker, born in Cornwall, 1990.

Fortunate to be raised in a creative family, her education in art and making began in childhood, learning both the creative and practical applications of a broad range of materials. 


In 2010 Leah began her Degree in Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University, where she would develop a method that has since evolved to become a signature style. This process involves an image mapping technique that enables her to carve intricate geometric interpretations of Renaissance paintings into ceramic pots. The result is a work of vivid, immaculate detail as if to appear digitally manufactured, a style which Jensen playfully describes as ‘anti-digital’.

"While making, I feel at my most content when using my hands directly with the material and focusing on small details. In these moments the world is between my head and my hands. I recently observed that over the years I subconsciously abandoned machinery, I do not throw pots, I no longer use a wood lathe, I use a sewing machine only when its the logical option. Perhaps it feels as though machines are a distraction, a barrier to gaining understanding of the material."

Today Leah lives in London, working from a space at Cockpit Studios. She continues to carve ceramic vessels, whilst working on a number of other projects. 


For Jensen the starting point is either an idea that surfaces usually while making and daydreaming, or from a desire to use a certain material. Experimentation, sketchbook work and daydreaming are all vital steps in the progression of a project to determine the techniques and materials that will serve the idea best.

Upcoming Exhibitions

2nd March - 24th April 2024

'Plates with Purpose' at Messums West, Wiltshire

Selected Past Exhibitions


'Crafting a Difference' at the Argentine Ambassador's Official Residence in London 

Presented by Cavaliero Finn as part of London Craft Week



'Homo Faber 2020' at San Giorgio, Venice

Presented by The Michelangelo Foundation and Cavaliero Finn



'Focus/20' at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London

Presented by Cavaliero Finn


'Collect' at Somerset House, London

Presented by The Crafts Council and Cavaliero Finn



'Alter' at The Fitzrovia Chapel, London

Presented by Cavaliero Finn


'British Craft: The Miami Edit', at The New Craftsmen Mayfair, London

Presented by The New Craftsmen and The Crafts Council


'British Craft: The Miami Edit', at Form Miami, Miami, Florida

Presented by The New Craftsmen and The Crafts Council



'Leah Jensen On Show', at Chalayan Store, Mayfair, London


'Leah Jensen: On Show' at The New Craftsmen, Mayfair, London

Presented by The New Craftsmen as part of London Craft Week



'Contemporary Living: Art, Craft & Design' at Christie's, South Kensington, London

Presented by Christie's and The New Craftsmen



'Craft and Ingenuity' at The New Craftsmen, Mayfair, London

Presented by The New Craftsmen as part of The London Design Festival





'Work' - A ceramic vessel commissioned by Manchester Art Gallery, on display in the permanent collection.

Funded by The Contemporary Art Society






Whitegold International Ceramic prize - Shortlisted



Cockpit Studios Clear Award

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