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The Last Pot - Saint Sebastian

This vessel was built and carved in 2020 as Jensen waited for a craniotomy to remove a brain tumour. This procedure held a risk of paralysis, while carving Jensen wondered if this would be the last pot.


It remains forever unfinished as she ran out of time before the operation date arrived. It stayed unfired for the three years she spent in treatment and recovery. It was carefully transported through two house moves, areas of the carving damaged by the damp conditions of the flats in which Jensen lived.​ When Leah was able to move back into a studio, finally it was fired. She did not imagine that it would survive due to all the moving around, but it did with the damage preserved.​


The Last Pot (Saint Sebastian), 2020


Hand-built porcelain, carved by hand

Height 21cm

Diameter 20.5cm

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